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About Us
  • Computer Lab Teacher
    Twilla Liles
  • 30 Computer Stations
    Currently we have 30 computer stations available for children to use.  Grade levels K-5 come at least once per week Tuesday - Friday for a 45 minute rotation. On Mondays students are involved in various enrichment activities.
  • Computer Programming
    Students have been learning about computer programming. They have learned some basic coding using images/symbols. Eventually we hope to learn to code using actual computer language. Some of the websites we have used or will be using are:

    Code Combat
    Microsoft's Cargo Bots

Great Reading Websites

Reading Sites

Theme 1 
Practice vocabulary with the e-Word Game.
*Dragon Gets By
*Mrs. Brown went to Town

Theme 2
*Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night
*Exploring Parks with Ranger Dockett - Take a web field trip.
*Around the Pond: Who's Been Here? Complete a crossword puzzle.
Theme 3
*A Trip to the Firehouse-  Label a diagram
*Big Bushy Mustache
*Jamaica Louise James
Theme 4
*Officer Buckle and Gloria
*The Great Ball Game
Theme 5
*Brothers and Sisters
*Jalapeno Bagels
Theme 6
*The Art Lesson
*Moses Goes to a Concert
*The School Mural
1.Books On-line:Polar Express and more 2. EZ School 2 Choose the game directed by the teacher. 3.Main Idea- Choose a story to read and answer the questions.
4.Story Scramble- Put a story in the right order. 5. Game Goo:
Real or Make-Believe
6. Starfall Reading –Choose the Games first. Then read the Book.  Last do the Skills. Begin with the first story (1.) and work through the levels (15).
7. Clifford Stories-Read the stories then complete the on-line activity.
8.  Sequencing Activities- 
1. Blowing Up a Balloon 
2. Washing Your Hair 
3. Putting on Socks and Shoes 
4.  Money 
5. Carving a Pumpkin 
6. Months 
7. Size 
8. Age

Great Math Websites